Nomination Guidelines (Int’)

Are you THE ONE?

This Award is intended to recognize an individual whose extraordinary service activities exemplify the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self.

We are looking for a caring individual who truly puts Service Above Self and;

  • Gives totally to the cause
  • Dedicates his/her daily life to the improvement of mankind
  • Advocates for humanity
  • Works for the highest standard of good
  • Acts with compassion and kindness
  • Can come from any part of the world, regardless of gender or ethnic background.


  • The winner of THE ONE 2019 will receive US$100,000 to go towards his/her humanitarian efforts
  • The two runners-ups will each receive US$50,000 to go towards their humanitarian efforts.
  • The Rotary Club that endorses the winner will receive US$5,000 to support their service projects.


  • Candidates must have provided outstanding and remarkable services to mankind;
  • Candidates must have demonstrated daily dedication and continued devotion to humanitarian efforts; and
  • Candidates must have promoted integrity and advanced world understanding, goodwill and peace through their humanitarian efforts.


  • Candidates must be an individual aged 21 or above. There is no limitation as to sex, race and nationality.
  • Candidates must have at least two years of humanitarian experience.
  • Candidates cannot be *Rotarians, employees of a club, district or other Rotary entity or of Rotary International. Spouses, lineal descendants, and ancestors of persons in the foregoing categories are also ineligible.
    * This rule also applies for any ex-Rotarian who has left Rotary for less than three years.
  • The award will not be presented posthumously.
  • Any candidate previously awarded a cash prize by THE ONE organising committee will not be eligible to apply again; all others are welcome to apply more than once.
  • A candidate representing an NGO that has previously received a cash prize from THE ONE will not be eligible to apply.


  • Candidates are responsible for keeping THE ONE organising committee updated on any changes in their information and the progress of their humanitarian projects as required.
  • The three finalists are required to attend THE ONE Award Gala Dinner in May/June 2019 in Hong Kong and are responsible for their personal health and wellbeing for the duration.
  • THE ONE organising committee reserves the right to use all materials submitted by candidates including photos and videos for promotional purposes.
  • The three finalists must be available for promotion and interviews and THE ONE reserves the right to use such materials produced for promotional purposes.
  • Any materials taken by THE ONE of any of the finalists or awardees including interviews, photographs and videos etc, remain the exclusive property of THE ONE.
  • The winner of THE ONE will act as a spokesperson for THE ONE, and may not represent any other award during their year of tenure as THE ONE winner.
  • THE ONE Committee reserves all rights to the following conditions:
-     Any candidate nominated for THE ONE can be removed from consideration for THE ONE if there is any misconduct or wrongdoing or scandal associated with the charity he/she represents.

-       The spokesperson must demonstrate integrity and exemplify as a role model to others in the community. THE ONE reserves the right to suspend or terminate his/her role as a spokesperson for THE ONE, if the winner fails to maintain good standing during his/her term.


  • The endorsing Rotary club should be responsible to ensure that all the contents submitted for their nomination is true and correct.
  • The endorsing Rotary club should read the nomination documents carefully and ensure the candidate and the nominator have a full understanding on the award criteria, eligibility and responsibilities of being a candidate, finalist and awardee.
  • The endorsing Rotary club will act as the liaison party between THE ONE (Int’l) and the candidate, and assist if any communication problem occurs.
  • If the candidate becomes a finalist of THE ONE (Int’l), the endorsing Rotary club should also assist their awardee to complete the proposal and reports as required by the stewardship sub-committee.
  • The endorsing Rotary club has the duty and obligation to oversee and ensure that the prize money given by THE ONE (Int’l) to the awardee is used in accordance with the approval given by us. The endorsing Rotary club’s duty is to ensure that due diligence is carried out


  • Completed nomination forms with all supporting documents should be sent to THE ONE, a project by Rotary District 3450 Organising Committee, Rotary Information Centre, 14/F Capital Commercial Building, 26 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong or email to by 30th November 2018.

Late or incomplete nomination forms will not be considered


  • A complete nomination will include the Nomination Form and a ‘Humanity Service Description Form’ (to be downloaded from THE ONE website), a CV or resume, candidate’s passport/travel document or ID copy and a digital or print photograph of the candidate.
  • All nominations must be endorsed by a Rotary Club.
  • A Rotary club is eligible to endorse more than one candidate.
  • Nominations must include the specified ‘Humanity Service Description Form’ that highlights the following points. Answers for questions 1-5 should be limited to 2,000 words:
  1. How does the candidate give totally to the cause every day?
  2. Please describe the direct impact of the candidate’s work on their beneficiaries.
  3. How does his/her work advocate for humanity and improve mankind?
  4. How does he/she work to the highest standards?
  5. What values does he/she promote through his/her humanitarian efforts and why?
  6. Questions a-h.
    • Supplementary documentation or material is highly desirable. (i.e. 1-2 video clips, 10-15 photos in service and a few links to articles, financial Statement/audited financial reports in the past two years etc.) Semi-finalists and finalists are required to submit supplementary documentation.
  • For written supplementary information, please limit to five pages only.
  • All nomination forms that are submitted by email should be submitted in a word document format or PDF. All photo materials that are submitted online should be submitted as a JPEG or TIF of no less than 1MB.
  • Electronic submissions are highly encouraged.
  • THE ONE Organising Committee reserves the right to verify a candidate’s service achievements through all means including the references submitted by the candidate
  • The decision of THE ONE organising committee and Rotary International District 3450 shall be final and conclusive on all matters related to the nomination.
  • Should there be any discrepancy between or dispute arising from the English and any other language versions of these nomination guidelines, the English version shall apply and prevail.
  • Failure to comply with the nomination guidelines can result in penalisation of the candidate.


In order to ensure a fair and rigorous judging process, the Organising Committee has established a three-tiered judging system. Judges in all three panels  comprise of volunteers who have signed confidentiality agreements.

To guarantee the authenticity of all information provided by the candidates, all applications must be endorsed by a Rotary club and signed off by the then current president of the endorsing club. The Organising Committee has also performed additional checks to verify the information provided.

  • Candidates, their nominators or related persons to the candidate are not permitted to communicate directly with any of the appointed judges of the judging panels. This ban allows judges to score candidates fairly based only on the official materials presented to them.
  • All candidates’ interviews will be conducted in the same format of a Skype interview regardless of the candidate’s residing location.


Please download ‘Criteria to be observed by THE ONE awardees’ here.


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