Emergency Aid Fund

The Rusy M Shroff and Purviz R Shroff Emergency Aid Fund

Since 2014, THE ONE International Humanitarian Award has set aside US$100,000 for an Emergency Aid Fund for the award’s past winners and runners-up. The fund will allow any awardee to apply for and receive urgent grants, which should give immediate relief to severe emergency problems encountered by our awardees or their organisations.

THE ONE offers its sincerest gratitude to Mrs. Purviz R. Shroff and the late Mr. Rusy M. Shroff for sponsoring its Emergency Aid Fund for 2019-2020.

Scope and Conditions of Grants from The Rusy M Shroff and Purviz R Shroff Emergency Aid Fund

(1)   Grants should only be used in specific emergency cases and on humanitarian grounds, and not to be used to address on-going or non-emergency problems.

(2)   Grants should not be used retrospectively to meet past problems.

(3)   Grants will normally take the form of one-off cash payments.

(4)   Up to 5% of the grant may be used to cover unavoidable overheads or other administrative costs. The remainder of the grant should be spent entirely on the beneficiaries.

(5)   Successful applicants will be required to submit an evaluation report and/or an audited account/statement on the use of the grant within a specified period (typically within three months after the completion of the emergency aid activity).

(6)   Applications should include relevant details including: (a) summary of the grant proposal, (b) background of the applicant and the intended beneficiaries, (c) a brief description of the relief plan/proposal (e.g. what and how many of the items to be purchased, how many people will benefit from the relief materials, estimated completion time for the relief plan, etc.), (d) the budget for the relief plan/proposal. (e) any other sponsorships obtained or being applied, including the sponsors’ names and amount of sponsorship.

(7)   An application will normally be evaluated within 24 hours after being received if adequate and relevant details are submitted.  The applicant will be informed of the result as soon as it is available.


Guidelines for Vetting Applications

THE ONE Emergency Aid Fund Committee will consider relevant factors relating to the application, such as whether:

(1)   the application has sufficient humanitarian grounds;

(2)   the grant will make an impact or positive effect on the beneficiaries;

(3)   the applicant has the capability to: administer the relief plan/proposal; deliver the intended result/impact; complete the relief plan/proposal in good time; and

(4)   the relief plan/proposal will give appropriate recognition to THE ONE and the Rusy M Shroff and Purviz R Shroff Emergency Aid Fund.



Any awardee that has received a grant from THE ONE Emergency Aid Fund will not be eligible to apply again within five years.

THE ONE International Humanitarian Award awardees currently eligible to apply for the Rusy M Shroff and Purviz R Shroff Emergency Aid Fund are as follows:

Dr Daniel Murphy
Maria Cecilia Flores-Oebanda
Father Joe Maier
Shruti A. Shroff

Valerie Ann Taylor
Christina Noble
Enrico Sala

Scott Neeson
Rosalind F. Colwill

Dr Bharathi Jayaram
Dr Burenjargal Bultuush
Sindhutai Sapkal

Hari Bhandary
Morn Savourn
Dr Prakash Amte

Father Charles Ogada
Kanchana Thornton
Shobha Rani

Sr Angela Mary
Enid Hendershot
Dr Ravindra Kolhe

Subasini Mistry
James Gollogly
Jeff Rotmeyer

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