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THE ONE Hong Kong 2018

Jeff Rotmeyer

Imparting kindness to the homeless, autistic and down-syndrome communities

Jeff Rotmeyer founded Impact HK and the Love 21 Foundation to care for the homeless, autistic and down syndrome communities in Hong Kong. At the heart of his programmes is his core belief that “kindness matters”.

At Impact HK, Jeff organises 30 Kindness Walks per month where volunteers visit the homeless and offer them food and other daily necessities. Despite having a full-time job, he spends up to five nights per week meeting with the homeless. Under his programme, they are offered life-changing prospects, first with employment opportunities at Impact day centre, followed by housing. Once ready, Jeff will assist them with employment outside the organisation, allowing them to truly stand on their own.

His second charity, the Love 21 Foundation, caters to 40 down syndrome and autistic members. He provides them with a wholesome lifestyle focusing on nutrition and fitness and frequently organises indoor and outdoor activities like football, hiking, dance classes, trampoline and more. His goal is to showcase their talents to the world and in turn inspire them to fulfil their ultimate potential.

Together with over 1,000 volunteers, Jeff currently serves hundreds of homeless in the city. From building friendships to providing healthcare, he not only offers temporary solutions for these communities, but a real chance at building an independent life.


2018 年 THE ONE 得獎者 

Jeff Rotmeyer

Jeff Rotmeyer創建 Impact HK 以及 Love 21 Foundation,為香港的露宿者、自閉症患者以及唐氏綜合症患者等社羣給予仁愛的關懷, “一切都是仁與愛” 是他項目的重中之重。

在Impact HK Jeff每月組織30次仁者夜行,志願者帶同食物以及日用品去探訪露宿者。他日間需要全職工作,但每星期他用上五個晚上去訪尋露宿者。通過這項目的施行,為他們的人生帶來盼望,首先日間讓他們在Impact HK 中心工作,晚上提供住宿。待他們凖備就緒,Jeff便協助在外間機構尋找工作,讓他們能夠真正自食其力。

他的另外一慈善機構 Love 21 Foundation,為40位唐氏綜合症及自閉症的患者提供飲食。為他們設計健康的生活方式,著重營養吸收及身體質素的改善,不時舉辦一些室內室外的活動,包括野外行山、足球賽、跳舞及體操班等。Jeff目的在於向社會展示他們的才華,同時也激勵他們去充分發揮其內在潛能。


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