Awards (HK)

Hong Kong Top 3 Finalists 2017

Jessie Yu

A beacon of support for single parents and their families  

Years ago, Jessica and her daughters left a violent household of domestic abuse. Having faced the harsh challenges of raising children alone, she co-founded Hong Kong Single Parents Association (HKSPA) to provide other single-parent families with important resources and a network of supportive peers.

Jessica has made numerous public efforts to encourage understanding and respect for the plight of single parents. Because of her dedicated campaigns, she has achieved much needed government financial support and tax exemptions for Hong Kong’s single-parent households.

Every year, HKSPA provides career counselling, emotional therapy, financial support and secondary child care services to 300 single-parent households in need.


Nicole Sicard

Provider of free education to our city’s poorest

Nicole has dedicated over 50 years towards educating Hong Kong’s poorest.

Teaching day and night classes out of her own home, Nicole has transformed the lives of countless children and adults. In building their confidence and knowledge, she has given them hope and the ability to secure better careers and brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Last year, at 82, Nicole founded Mayaa Hong Kong to sponsor underprivileged children studying in local schools. Her compassion and self-sacrifice has attracted many volunteers who cover their own administrative costs, allowing all of Maya Hong Kong’s funds to go towards educating Hong Kong’s youth.


Phyllis Marwah

Giving pregnant teens and abandoned children a second chance at life

Phyllis Marwah founded Mother’s Choice to care for pregnant teenagers and help orphaned infants find permanent, safe and loving homes.

Her programmes focus on tailored, immediate intervention which significantly increases a child’s chance at finding a good family. Phyllis’s ultimate goal is to break the vicious cycle where crisis pregnancies often create teenage pregnancies when young girls grow up under the system.

Under her guidance, Mother’s Choice has attracted over 500 passionate volunteers who help infants, girls and families in Hong Kong every week. To date, it has counselled and sheltered over 51,000 girls and matched 1,200 babies with devoted families.


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