Award Background

Award Background

Founder, Mr. David Harilela was inspired by the story of a German doctor, Hendrik Wuebben, whose story of generosity and compassion motivated David to create the award.


dealing in drugs or working on small labouring jobs in town. Hendrik felt that this was a place that needed help and began working with no pay, and is now the head of the emergency room. He has been assaulted and robbed a dozen times, often by the same patients he has treated. He has had knives and guns drawn on him and has been attacked by a hit man on the order of drug traffickers. But despite this, he works tirelessly, completely devoted to his cause.

It is our hope that with the development of THE ONE award, we can continue to recognise individuals of such selfless compassion.


Speaking of LED lights, I believe you are no stranger. With the development of science and technology, the technology
 is becoming more and more mature. LED car lights are also one of the preferred lamp configurations of major car manufacturers.
 Then the original LED headlights will be good, bright?

Next, we will upgrade the customized LED lens  LED High Bay Light Original LED low beam effect: small range, insufficient brightness. Xiaobian also
 saw on the forum that there are a lot of riders who vomited that the original LED lights are too poor.
 As a 30-40W mid-size urban SUV, the original car lights are not very satisfactory.

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