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Mike has nice arms, and might really convey the load for

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And why I moan right before a man climax

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I like to thank you guys for telling people what happening

Under the banner is a sign announcing that Coca Cola 12 packs are on sale for $3.33. “Rollback,” the sign states. Another called it”crass commercialization.” “Utterly tasteless,” tweeteda third. He deserved it. This is life. That man is a tiger, … Continue reading


Robin Salo seems like the puck-mover we all know him to be

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If I was hard-up on cash, I might overlook the fact that the

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Didn have the greatest facility in Montreal

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While the Bears haven’t acknowledged any reports

Another funny thing is, we can all name famous people from New York or San Francisco, movies set in Los Angeles or Chicago, songs written about Memphis or New Orleans, but who’s ever heard of anyone who came from … Continue reading


That’s a lot for an energetic kid

What should have been a no brainer summer breeze is a political tempest. Mandatory vaginal ultrasounds, blasted as state sanctioned ‘rape’ by women’s groups, and fetal personhood bills have been making the state rounds. In the nation’s capitol, misogynistic hearings … Continue reading


Nike Legend – The Nike Legend is exclusive in comparability

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La Suisse, dont la rputation de refuge financier et fiscal

The end of the eight game road trip at the beginning of the year, we needed a home game. We needed our fans. On that night against Dallas, our fans welcomed us and pushed us on in a way that … Continue reading